Level Up Development

Level Up Development provides Support Coordination to Participants of the NDIS (National disability Insurance Scheme) Level Up Development is committed to providing quality service for best-outcomes, we care about ensuring your connections to live a meaningful life, at home and within the community.

Level Up Development helps participants, their families and or nominees to understand their plans and connect with relevant providers, ensure connection of services and quality of delivery every step of the way.

Level Up Development works from a person-centered framework, understanding that no two people are the same and we are all individuals with different needs.
We take the time to find out who you are as a person, what your personal preferences are and work with you to find the right matches for your plan needs.

Level Up Development assists in building capacity in strengthening your own abilities to coordinate your supports into the future.

Level Up Development works with a broad range of disabilities including mental health, supporting participants of all ages and backgrounds.
Let Level Up Development take you to new levels of coordination and connection today!

What We Do

  • Assist with Implementation of your NDIS Plan
  • Assist with review processes in the lead up to your review
  • Research and assess disability service providers, helping you choose one that best suits your needs establishing supports.
  • Negotiate with disability providers on their services and price
  • Provide financial advice and liaise with your Plan Manager, if you have one, on your behalf
  • Arrange additional assessments to meet funding requirements
  • Help to resolve any problems or issues related to the NDIS or NDIA
  • Support you to have your NDIS plan reviewed in a timely manner
  • Build your capacity to Coordinate your supports and maintain relationships
  • Assist you to Understand your NDIS Plan and its budgets
  • Explore permanent housing options
  • Work towards achieving the goals that are important to you in your NDIS Plan
  • Assisting you to resolve points of crisis and develop capacity and resilience in your network
  • Assisting you in developing knowledge, experience and connections with the community and broader systems of support
  • Work with you to understand plan funding and its purpose Coach, refine, reflect

NDIS Definition of Support Coordination Level 2

Support coordination – coordination of supports: This support will assist you to build the skills you need to understand, implement and use your plan.

A support coordinator will work with you to ensure a mix of supports are used to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, manage service delivery tasks, live more independently and be included in your community.